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Super Amanda (born 1978 in San Leandro, California) is an American singer, actress, writer and internet personality known for her skilled singing voice, vivacious personality and tall hourglass figure. Her trained contralto voice boldly reinterprets the classic rock of singers like Roger Daltrey, Nick Lowe, and Mick Jagger as well the works of Elgar and Purcell. Her work in front of and behind the camera recalls Frank Tashlin, Russ Meyer and Terry Jones. Having been called "the first culturally literate bombshell" she is currently emerging as one of the most exciting performers to date for a rapidly growing audience tired of raunch culture and looking for someone both sexy and intelligent.

Renee Fladen-Kamm, Bay Area vocal coach, opera director and inspiration for The Left Banke's 'Walk Away Renee', has called Amanda 'the most powerful female voice for rock currently performing.'' Currently Super Amanda's YouTube channels boast over 1800 subscribers and the total hits on her online videos is over 1.6 million. Her videos are outrageously funny and sexy while never being vulgar; a new and welcome concept for many YouTubers.

In April 2006 Amanda made a very memorable guest appearance on British singer-songwriter Rachel Fuller's live webcast chat show "In The Attic" appearing alongside The Who's Pete Townshend and co-host singer-songwriter Mikey Cuthbert. Pete Townshend famously described Super Amanda to Rolling Stone magazine as being 'larger than life.'

Amanda grew up in Piedmont and Santa Rosa, California. She has lived for various stretches in the UK and considers England to be her second home. At a very early age she became fascinated with The Beatles and showed promise as a performer going on to win over a dozen awards in high school speech and acting competitions. She has studied voice since the age of 12. Her stage acting credits are too numerous to note here but include Opera Non Troppo's "King Arthur" (2002) and "Dido and Aeneas" (2000) Super Amanda has also performed regularly at both The Starry Plough and LePena Cultural Center in Berkeley and at Columbia College Jazz Festival (1999).

A devoted fan of The Who, Super Amanda is also the lead singer of the Bay Area based Who Tribute Band "Squeeze Box."

Amanda also has a history of social activism and is a cofounder of the The Bay Area Paul Robeson Cenntennial Committee, a non-profit with 501(C) (3) status dedicated to restoring Paul Robeson's legacy in American schools. She has served as it's educational director and web developer since 1999. In Spring 2006 she met with renowned British politician and peace activist, The Right and Honourable Tony Benn, to discuss Paul Robeson's effect on post war England. She also performed with Marcus Duskin of "Folk This" at the official west coast unvieling of the Paul Robeson postage stamp at the Hunter's Point station in San Francisco (2004) and was an advisor on the Carin T Ford book: " Paul Robeson: I Want to Make Freedom Ring" Enslow Publishers (2008)

A visually exciting performer, her statuesque form and bombshell rocker ebullience offer a striking contrast to her down to earth intellectual side which is also a large part of her appeal as audiences know there will never be a dull moment when she takes the stage or sits down for a chat.

A fashion writer with over two dozen articles to her credit, Super Amanda is also finishing up her first novella, "The Princess of Shoreditch" , about sex and romance in modern London. She currently divides her time between California and the UK.


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Amanda Lydon
Super Amanda (born 1978 in San Leandro, California) is an American singer, actress, writer and internet personality known for her skilled singing voice, vivacious personality and tall hourglass figure
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