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This is the Best Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich — The Meat Show
While The Meat Show's host Nick Solares unabashedly enjoys luxury dry-aged prime and Wagyu steaks, he also has a love for affordable, simple comfort foods like cheeseburgers and breakfast sandwiche...
Duration: 2.95 Seconds
Estelle and April Bloomfield Collaborate for the Hot Dog Sessions
As part of First We Feast's residency at PDT, the British songstress and Spotted Pig chef join forces to create the "West Indian Garden" dog. Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube:
Duration: 3.75 Seconds
How A Michelin-Starred Chef Makes The Perfect Burger
Chef April Bloomfield — of The Spotted Pig and The Breslin fame — has a brand new spot opening up in New York's Midtown this week. It's called Salvation Burger, and The Meat...
Duration: 4.72 Seconds
April Bloomfield's Clam Chowder Soup Recipe | The New York Times
Mark Bittman describes April Bloomfield's clam chowder dish as a "very fall, New England dish." She demonstrates how to make this coarse-chopped soup. Read the related story here:
Duration: 3.00 Seconds
Three Killer Veggie-Forward Appetizers with Chef April Bloomfield - Savvy, Ep. 29
Even if you're a carnivore you'll enjoy these savory vegetable dishes. Subscribe: Check out the new season of Savvy and learn "The Secret To the Best Cookie Buttercream...
Duration: 7.15 Seconds
Bordier Butter with Chef Ludo Lefebvre
Any French chef can tell you that the foundation of their cuisine is butter. So when we visited the Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in the Brittany region of France and had chef Ludo Lefebvre...
Duration: 5.22 Seconds
Egg Drop Soup | April Bloomfield | The Spotted Pig NYC
We have top New York chef April Bloomfield in the Food Tube Family! She trained with Jamie at The River Cafe London and now runs a hugely successful restaurant in NYC from where she shares...
Duration: 4.38 Seconds
Taste Memories: How To Make Raw Egg Over Rice With Ivan Orkin
In the next installment of Taste Memories with Ivan Orkin, we learn about the most defining food moment in Ivan's life. Check out our website: Subscribe to our...
Duration: 4.02 Seconds
How To Make David Kinch's Farm Egg
Chef David Kinch recreates one of the dishes that informed all of his cooking today, Alain Passard's Arpege Egg. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:...
Duration: 3.73 Seconds
How To Make Chef Gabrielle Hamilton's Eggs Benedict
Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: PBS series The Mind of a...
Duration: 2.72 Seconds
Why English Breakfast Is The Perfect Hangover Food
On a hunt for an English breakfast plate to invoke memories from his childhood, The Meat Show's Nick Solares visits British chef April Bloomfield at her restaurant inside New York's Ace...
Duration: 4.47 Seconds
The Audi A3 Presents: The Challengers – The Spotted Pig's April Bloomfield
In the second episode of The Challengers presented by the Audi A3, The Spotted Pig's Michelin-starred chef April Bloomfield shares her culinary inspirations, the story behind her restaurants...
Duration: 2.38 Seconds
How To Cook Lake Trout In "Little Hell" With Francis Mallmann and Ed Lee
Chef Francis Mallmann and Ed Lee cook freshly caught lake trout with a fire cooking technique called "Little Hell" in Argentina. Check out our website: Subscribe...
Duration: 3.55 Seconds
Food Legend Chef Andre Soltner's Pike Dumplings Recipe
Listen up, aspiring chefs: if you want to be the best in the game, then aspire to be like Chef Andre Soltner. As chef/owner of Lutèce for 34 years, he didn't just serve some of the world's...
Duration: 6.37 Seconds
Chef Ludo Lefebvre Makes His LudoBird Fried Chicken Sandwich
Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: PBS series The Mind of a...
Duration: 2.25 Seconds
How To Make The Perfect Classic Cheeseburger With April Bloomfield
Chef April Bloomfield shows us how to make the most delicious classic cheeseburger from Salvation Burger. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: http://bit....
Duration: 3.25 Seconds
David Kinch Makes The Ultimate Oyster Po Boy Sandwich
Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: PBS series The Mind of a...
Duration: 6.95 Seconds
Making Macédoine With Inaki Aizpitarte And Ludo Lefebvre
For chef Inaki Aizpitarte, following the seasons and its produce is a fundamental philosophy to his cooking. When Chef Ludo Lefebvre comes into the kitchen, the two reminisce about a classic...
Duration: 4.93 Seconds
How To Make April Bloomfield's Morning Buns
Tosca hadn't served food since 1965 so April Bloomfield was getting ready to re-open the restaurant, she really wanted to serve breakfast even if it was a simple hard-boiled egg, these savory...
Duration: 3.38 Seconds
Chef James Syhabout shows David Kinch How To Make His Signature Egg Dish
Chef James Syhabout spent almost five years at Manresa before opening his own restaurant, Commis. At Commis, he created his signature egg dish using slow poached egg yolk, smoked dates, onions,...
Duration: 4.58 Seconds
How to Make Fish & Chips with April Bloomfield
Chef April Bloomfield makes her version of the British Classic, Fish & Chips. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download...
Duration: 5.45 Seconds
Chef David Kinch Makes Sea Bream Sashimi for Chef Eric Ripert
David Kinch learned many techniques while working in Japan. He also asked a lot of questions. And many of those questions had to do with fish and in this case, sashimi. As Eric Ripert puts...
Duration: 4.35 Seconds
Alain Passard And Ludo Lefebvre Make Brittany Lobster
Ludo Lefebvre journeys back to his homeland of France to cook with his mentor, the legendary chef Alain Passard. Reuniting more than two decades later, the chefs head back into the kitchen,...
Duration: 5.47 Seconds
How To Make Sole Meunière With Chef Ludo Lefebvre
When it comes to classic French dishes, Chef Ludo Lefebvre will never shy away from the butter. And this sole meunière recipe is no exception. After watching Ludo make this lightly fried fish,...
Duration: 2.77 Seconds
How To Make Savannah Red Rice With Steven Satterfield & Sean Brock
Chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union in Atlanta, shows Sean Brock how he makes his version of Savannah Red Rice. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:...
Duration: 3.80 Seconds
How To Make David Kinch's Green Garlic Infused Custard
Finishing the last bite of broccoli off your dinner plate used to be a chore but thanks to David Kinch, it is now a delight. Try this Chawonmushi (Japanese style custard) and rejoice that broccoli...
Duration: 4.20 Seconds
Franca Camerucci makes Tortello al Rosso D'uovo for Gabrielle Hamilton
Gabrielle Hamilton visits Trattoria Monti in Rome, and learns Chef Franca Camerucci's technique for making Tortello al Rosso D'uovo. Check out our website: Subscribe...
Duration: 5.35 Seconds
Gabrielle Hamilton Cooks for Her Kids
Gabrielle Hamilton is not just a successful restaurateur and accomplished writer, she is also a loving mother of two. Gabrielle catches up with her sons over salt and pepper pork chops and...
Duration: 2.75 Seconds
Chef April Bloomfield | What Made Me | The New York Times
The renowned chef April Bloomfield recounts her youthful ambition to be a cop and how she worked her way to the top of her field. Produced by: Poppy de Villeneuve Subscribe to the Times Video...
Duration: 2.70 Seconds
How To Make Miso Ramen With Ivan Orkin
In this first episode of Taste Memories, Ivan Orkin describes his first ramen experience and cooks his version of Miso Ramen. Check out our website: Subscribe...
Duration: 3.25 Seconds
How To Make Scotch Egg With April Bloomfield
April Bloomfield shows Chef Rowley Leigh how to make her version of a British classic also known as the "perfect breakfast in one bite," a Scotch Egg. Check out our website: http://www.mindofachef...
Duration: 4.05 Seconds
Sean Brock Visits Prince's Hot Chicken on Season 2 of The Mind of a Chef
Chef Sean Brock visits Prince's Hot Chicken in Nashville with Chef Erik Anderson and finds out just how hot their chicken is. (cont'd below) Subscribe to our channel:
Duration: 4.87 Seconds
Breville Presents Welsh Rarebit - "Mind of a Chef Techniques with April Bloomfield"
For more about Breville, visit "Mind of a Chef Techniques with April Bloomfield" is a video series that highlights the quintessential spirit of Chef Bloomfield's...
Duration: 3.18 Seconds
Daniel Boulud's Poulet a la Creme
Daniel Boulud knows a thing or two about chicken. So it may come as a surprise to some that one of his favorite ways to cook chicken is shockingly simple and very humble in its origin. Below...
Duration: 1.65 Seconds
Magnus Nilsson And Family Bake A Traditional Flatbread
Growing up on a farm in Jämtland, Sweden, Magnus Nilsson and his family learned how to make this regional flatbread, a recipe passed down from generation to generation. Subscribe to our...
Duration: 4.48 Seconds
How To Make Carbonara with Carlo Mirarchi and Magnus Nilsson
Chef Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta's and Blanca shows Magnus Nilsson how to make his version of carbonara. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:
Duration: 2.88 Seconds
How To Make Black Cod And Artichoke With David Kinch
Chef David Kinch went on a hike looking for a condor but instead found poison oak and that's how this dish was created (kind of). This pescatarian-friendly dish has a vegetable and smoked fish...
Duration: 3.90 Seconds
How To Make The Perfect Omelette, David Kinch Style
Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: PBS series The Mind of a...
Duration: 2.10 Seconds
How To Make Gabrielle Hamilton's Raviolo All'uovo or Handkerchief Pasta
Making homemade pasta from scratch can be intimidating for most people. Ease into it with chef Gabrielle Hamilton's Raviolo All'uova recipe. Get the recipe here: ...
Duration: 2.57 Seconds
How To Make Jeremy Fox's Strawberry with Polenta Sofrito
Jeremy Fox takes ripe, sweet strawberries and turns them into something savory and delicious. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:
Duration: 4.55 Seconds
Escargot with Chef Ludo Lefebvre
Chef Ludo Lefebvre makes a classic French escargot. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel: Download and stream the episodes: https://m...
Duration: 3.33 Seconds
Sean Brock Cooks Farro Verde Succotash
Sean Brock cooks Farro Verde Succotash using farro grains from the fields of Anson Mills in Episode 2 of Season 2, Mind of a Chef: Seeds. Subscribe to our channel: ---...
Duration: 3.63 Seconds
How To Make The Best Breakfast With Ed Lee and Francis Mallmann
Chef Francis Mallmann shows Ed Lee his favorite kind of Argentinian breakfast: Coffee-Dye Ham, Eggs and Toast cooked on a chapa, a cast-iron grill. Check out our website:
Duration: 4.10 Seconds
David Kinch, Carlo Mirarchi & Evan Shively Make Amazing Pizza
Chef Carlo Mirarchi makes a classic pizza with Guanchiale and red onions which Chefs David Kinch and Evan Shively try fava beans on their pizza. Check out our website:
Duration: 2.98 Seconds
How To Make Tartine Bakery's Morning Buns With Chad Robertson
Chef April Bloomfield visits baker Chad Robertson at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco to watch him make their legendary morning buns. Check out our website: Subscribe...
Duration: 2.73 Seconds
How To Make Mackerel Sashimi With Caviar With Chef Eric Ripert
When asked by David Kinch if he trusts people who don't like caviar, Chef Eric Ripert replies, “No. In general, I don't trust people who don't like food.” What you can trust, however,...
Duration: 4.88 Seconds
Rabbit Pie with Fergus Henderson and April Bloomfield
April Bloomfield travels to London where she makes a rabbit pie with "the King of pies," chef Fergus Henderson. Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:...
Duration: 3.38 Seconds
Chicken Tikka Masala with Madhur Jaffrey & April Bloomfield
Chefs Madhur Jaffrey and April Bloomfield make Britain's National Dish, Chicken Tikka Massala (or CTM). Check out our website: Subscribe to our channel:
Duration: 3.45 Seconds
April Bloomfield Harvests Salt With Ben Jacobsen
Ben Jacobsen makes amazing salt. April Bloomfield loves amazing salt. So she decided to go out to Netarts Bay in Oregon to see this beautiful process of how excellent salt is brought in from...
Duration: 3.80 Seconds
David Kinch's Granola Crisps
David Kinch's Granola Crisps are small but deceptive. For such a little cookie, the crisps are jam-packed with healthy yet delicious ingredients - including puffed rice, quinoa, millet, flaxseed,...
Duration: 3.65 Seconds

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