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Born: August 20, 1942
Covington, Tennessee, USA
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Wildy known as the voice of Chef in the cartoon South Park, he is orginally the soul-singing man that not only sold big, but also, went through the process of the evolution of rap.

Born in August 20, 1942, he was raised without parents, for they died during his infancy, and he was then raised by his grandparents. His talent in music was already expressed since the age of 5. He started out as a debut singer in the church chorus and later learned how to use instryments like the piano, the saxophone, and organ. His talent took him to entertainment in small clubs on short-lived groups.

However, he went through rough times. As his grandfather worked in a tomato factory but soon had health problems. He fought but lost the battle with his sickness and died when Hayes was 11 years old. As a young man, he had to run for errands, picked up groceries, cleaned bricks, and even clean shoes to do as much as possible to support him and the people that took care of him, for they were facing poverty. For then soon, Hayes began working as a cook later on when he was a dishwasher. He was able to work in a retaurant preparing hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and catfish, in which it impressed many people.

In his adolescence, poverty worsened and also, since he was going through a time of change, he felt he wasn't good for the girls. Hayes then dropped out of Manassas High School. Six weeks later, his teachers came together to get Hayes back to school. In which then on, Hayes got into his studies, ignoring his other problems that prevented him from succeding.

Later, his singing talent cam back and was persuaded to attend a talent show in his school. Therefore, Hayes did it and he sang "Looking Back" by Nat King Cole. After his end, he was a huge hit! He even ranked some popularity, for girls from various ages began sending him invitations.

After graduating high school at the age of 21, even though he had 7 scholarships for his singing vocal, he turned them down for a carrier in music. He had worked with various bands on the piano and also on the saxophone. Later on, in 1969, he released his first album Hot Buttered Soul, in which it incredibly became top 40/R&B crossover hits and #1 on the Billboard R&B chart for 10 weeks, the LP stayed on the Pop chart for an amazing 81 weeks. For the next couple of years, his albums became a huge hit! From 1969 to 1980, he released 20 albums, in which 7 were #1 R&B top hits!

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