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Shane McMahon Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Shane McMahon went to Flight Club in New York City with Joe La Puma and talked about his return to WWE SmackDown, his love for Air Jordans, and his thoughts on Kanye's sneakers. Subscribe...
Duration: 6.85 Seconds
SNEAKER OF THE YEAR: A DEBATE | Complex Conversations
Watch the full conversation here: Celebrities and tastemakers discus notable moments from the past year in sneakers, including the closing of the gap between Nike...
Duration: 6.62 Seconds
PDT | Grimme Varitron 470 | AVR Puma 3 | Fendt 1050, 936, 924, 724
Arrachage de PDT 2017 | Grimme Varitron 470 | AVR Puma 3 | Fendt 1050, 936, 924, 724 Subscribe: Like on Facebook :
Duration: 3.80 Seconds
BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE AND CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS! Cop these red Vans authentic's here - Red Vans Sk8 Hi's here - Hope...
Duration: 3.42 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts
Brussels sprouts -- the vegetable we all love to hate -- have powerful health benefits for your skin. Dr La Puma notes that just one cup of Brussels sprouts has more than four grams of fiber,...
Duration: 3.55 Seconds
NOAA's PUMA unmanned aircraft
Coordinator for NOAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Todd Jacobs discusses the PUMA model, equipped with video and photo functionalities, is being utilized near La Push, Wash., to...
Duration: 2.80 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Sweet Golden Beets with Tender Greens
You can't beat beets when it comes to preventing heart disease and colon cancer. Dr La Puma shows their betacyanin, the same pigment that gives beets their gorgeous color, which also gives...
Duration: 5.02 Seconds
PDT | AVR Puma + | John Deere 7290R / 7230 R / 7430 Premium | La Campagne | Joskin | Dangreville
Arrachage de pommes de terres 2016 | AVR Puma + | John Deere 7290R / 7230 R / 7430 Premium | La Campagne | Joskin | Dangreville Abonne-toi : Rejoins sur Facebook...
Duration: 2.85 Seconds
Portuguese Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes - ChefMD® Healthy Recipe
You can view and print the full ChefMD® recipe for Portuguese Bean Soup with Sweet Potatoes at: You can also receive Dr. La Puma's free,...
Duration: 1.70 Seconds
Yo Soy [16/08/13] TITO NIEVES "De Mi Enamorate" [Yo Soy 2013] Temporada Final [16-08-13]
YO SOY TEMPORADA FINAL. TITO NIEVES es Percy Perez e interpreta el tema "De Mi Enamorate". Yo Soy Programa Completo 16-08-2013 ▻
Duration: 6.10 Seconds
Here's my list of top clothing/apparel pickups for 2015! A lot of good stuff, let me know your favorite! Hit the THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Links to the clothing that's still available below! ...
Duration: 9.95 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Baked Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash
Help prevent cancer and heart disease with potassium-rich side or main dish everyone will love. Dr La Puma explains that quinoa is a gluten-free seed that makes a great substitute for rice....
Duration: 3.60 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Red Beans and Brown Rice
Let the good times roll with Dr. La Puma's cancer-fighting, cholesterol-lowering New Orleans favorite. Just two one-cup servings of brown rice or other whole grain per week help improve the...
Duration: 4.38 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Turmeric and Cinnamon
Cinnamon in this aromatic vegetarian dish helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Dr La Puma notes that golden raisins add sweetness to this dish without the harmful effects of sugar to your teeth...
Duration: 3.30 Seconds
Dr. John La Puma: Physician, Celebrity Chef, TV Host, Culinary Medicine Specialist, Keynote Speaker
Dr. John La Puma is known for being the "food as medicine doctor." Dr. John La Puma has pioneered the idea of food-as-medicine without sacrificing taste, including delicious eating plans for...
Duration: 3.30 Seconds
PDT | AVR Puma 3 | John Deere 6210R, 7700, 7710 & La Campagne | Fendt 930 & Maupu
PDT | AVR Puma 3 | John Deere 7710, 7700, 6210 & La Campagne | Fendt 930 & Maupu Subscribe: Like on Facebook : Arrachage...
Duration: 3.25 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Split Pea Soup with Smoked Turkey
New twist on a Fall favorite that stabilizes blood sugar and lowers lousy cholesterol says Dr La Puma. Dried peas have very little moisture inside, so they are dense in nutrients. Split peas...
Duration: 3.07 Seconds
Ginger Snap Apple Crisp with Sweet Cinnamon and Walnuts - ChefMD® Healthy Recipe
You can view and print the full ChefMD® recipe for Ginger Snap Apple Crisp with Sweet Cinnamon and Walnuts at: You can also receive Dr. La...
Duration: 4.40 Seconds
| | BEST OF DE L'ANNÉE | | John Deere | New Holland | Fendt | Claas | Deutz-Fahr |
BEST OF 2016 | | John Deere | New Holland | Fendt | Claas | Deutz-Fahr | Abonne-toi : Rejoins sur Facebook :
Duration: 4.18 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Pan-Seared Halibut with Vegetables
Fragrant fennel and mild fresh halibut are easy to make for a new, delicious family favorite. All of the fennel plant, including the bulb, stalk, seeds and leaves are edible...and medicinal....
Duration: 3.38 Seconds
Barbecue Broccoli Sandwich - ChefMD® Healthy Recipe
You can view and print the full ChefMD® recipe for Sesame Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa at: You can also receive Dr. La Puma's free,...
Duration: 2.13 Seconds
ChefMD® Healthy Recipe: Spicy Creole Gumbo with Shrimp and Brown Rice
Fiber-rich okra in savory stew helps lower cancer and heart disease risk, says Dr La Puma. The fiber in okra helps control spikes in your blood sugar. Okra gives off a "gooey" substance when...
Duration: 3.73 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Navy Bean and Collard Green Soup
Collard greens add texture, flavor and anti-cancer qualities to Dr La Puma's soul-soothing soup. When you chop or chew collard greens, you get the powerful, helpful chemicals isothiocyanates...
Duration: 4.88 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Clusters
A luscious simple-to-make yet really special original treat from Dr La Puma's own kitchen that will dazzle any holiday celebration while protecting your heart and brain with the powerful antioxidan...
Duration: 4.65 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Thick and Creamy Artichoke-Spinach Dip, with Big Pretzels
Get the party started with Dr La Puma's thick and creamy artichoke and spinach dip. Artichoke extract stimulates the natural bile flow, which can prevent gallstones. Artichoke leaves contain...
Duration: 3.87 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Dr. La Puma prepares a thick, wintery soup featuring cancer fighting, heart healthy, cholesterol-lowering benefits of cauliflower. Cauliflower helps lower "lousy" LDL cholesterol in two ways....
Duration: 4.73 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Escabeche (Pickled Vegetables)
A pickled vegetable medley that's bursting with flavor and the antioxidants, natural pain relievers and the brain boosting benefits of jalapeno peppers and carrots. Dr La Puma's method to make...
Duration: 4.12 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Spicy and Rich Sausage and Kidney Bean Chili
Adding coffee to this rich and spicy recipe helps lower risk for type 2 diabetes, says Dr La Puma. At least six studies indicate that people who drink coffee on a regular basis are up to 80...
Duration: 3.32 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Saffron Scallop, Shrimp and Chickpea Paella
Enjoy a 30-minute heart-healthy Spanish entrée flavored with rich, golden saffron. Saffron has been used to treat a number of ailments such as depression, respiratory illness, jaundice and...
Duration: 4.22 Seconds
ChefMD® What Foods will Help a Pacemaker Patient- Dr. John La Puma, Culinary Medicine
Hi, I'm Dr. John La Puma. Welcome to the ChefMD® Video Blog. I'm Dr. John La Puma. Today's question comes from Robert in Danville, Illinois. I Need to Eat Healthy. What foods...
Duration: 3.12 Seconds
ChefMD® Healthy Recipe: Gluten-Free Goat Cheese Pizza
Goat cheese provides pizzazz and calcium in this saucy, tangy pizza. Dr John La Puma says "Mangia! "The fat in the goat cheese helps your body absorb more of the carotenoids in the pizza sauce....
Duration: 3.72 Seconds
ChefMD® Dr. John La Puma - Oatmeal or Quinoa for Breakfast
ChefMD® Dr. John La Puma -Oatmeal or Quinoa for breakfast? Hi, This is Dr. John La Puma for ChefMD®. Welcome to the ChefMD® Video Blog. I'm answering emailed...
Duration: 1.95 Seconds
ChefMD Gives a Food Prescription for High Blood Pressure
Fox 11 Morning News: Dr. John La Puma aka ChefMD shows us three recipes to help lower your blood pressure.
Duration: 5.52 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Poached Chicken & Asian Pear Salad
Easy and special, this dish provides powerful antioxidant punch and satiety to keep you full and fully satisfied, says Dr La Puma.. Pears are rich in fiber which can help prevent constipation....
Duration: 4.10 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Toasted Barley Pilaf with Squash, Salsa and Feta Cheese
Dr La Puma's rich, creamy side dish -- perfect for hearty winter meals -- provides health benefits of black tea. Using black tea instead of water adds theaflavins which may just have activity...
Duration: 4.97 Seconds
ChefMD® Dr. John La Puma on Food, Blood Thinners and Vitamin K Culinary Medicine FAQ
Hi, I'm Dr. John La Puma. Welcome to the ChefMD® Video Blog. I'm Dr. John La Puma. Today's question comes from Rona in Covington, Kentucky. Dear Dr. La Puma, My husband has...
Duration: 1.90 Seconds
Speaker Demo Tape: Dr John La Puma
Speaker Demo Tape for Dr John La Puma, showing keynotes, conferences, clinic and wellness work, media, based on his work with RealAge, Chef Clinic, the DASH Diet and the Santa Barbara Institute....
Duration: 3.23 Seconds
Silage KRONE BIG X 500 in FRANCE
Duration: 4.88 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Chili Chili Bang Bang: Poblano Salsa
Dr. La Puma turns up the heat with a chili recipe that may help fight cancer. And 40% of people experience tingling nerve pain relief from topical capsaicin cream. Capsaicin is the chemical...
Duration: 3.55 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Simple Sausage & Mushroom Pizza with Smoky Gouda Cheese
Enjoy Dr La Puma's pizzazz-filled pizza packed with powerful cancer-fighting nutrients. Studies have shown that tomato products like pizza sauce or ketchup have greater amounts of lycopene...
Duration: 4.45 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Creamy and Healthy Salmon Noodle Casserole with Shiitake Mushrooms
Tender mushrooms and fresh, flaky salmon help lower cancer and heart disease risk. Dr La Puma favors shiitake mushrooms, which contain a compound called lentinan, shown to have anti-cancer...
Duration: 3.38 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Baby Bok Choy with Garlic, Ginger and Roasted Cashews
Nutty sesame oil adds flavor and cholesterol-lowering benefits to Dr La Puma's Asian stir fry. Sesame oil contains an antioxidant called sesaminol, which has shown promise in killing leukemia...
Duration: 3.32 Seconds
Sementera 2017 // Sowing 2017 HD GoPro
Preparando las tierras para la siembra en el Norte de Palencia (España) Preparing the fields for sowing in north of Palencia (Spain) - Case Puma 230 CVX. - Mc Cormick 135 MTX. Sígueme en...
Duration: 10.78 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Butternut Barley Risotto with Goat Cheese and Toasted Almonds
Riceless risotto has powerful health benefits to help lower LDL. The folate in butternut squash can help break down homocysteine, an amino acid that in large amounts can lead to increased fatty...
Duration: 3.22 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Poached Trout with Herbed Mustard Sauce
Don't let the heart-healthy, brain healthy omega-3 fatty acids in this fish dish get away. Dr La Puma shows how all trout are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It's classic to poach fish,...
Duration: 4.70 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Seared Sea Scallops with Organic Spinach and Toasted Pistachios
Two nutritional powerhouses help lower your heart disease and cancer risk. Dr La Puma's scallops have virtually no fat and are very high in protein. Get the complete recipe here: http://www.chefmd....
Duration: 3.52 Seconds
case puma 215 comdor religieux et frere ouverture des terre a betteraves
première ouverture pour le semis des betteraves sur du labour avec un case puma 215 suivi d'un combiné religieux et frere.
Duration: 2.43 Seconds
ChefMD® Recipe: Steel Cut Oat Pudding with Dark Chocolate and Lime
Innovative dessert features fiber-rich steel cut oats-- luscious, satisfying, good for you! A research study in Africa found that lime juice added to food helped protect people against cholera....
Duration: 3.15 Seconds
ChefMD® Dr. John La Puma- Food and Recipes for Neuropathy - Culinary Medicine
ChefMD® Food and Recipe Suggestions for Neuropathic Pain. Dr. John La Puma, Culinary Medicine. Dr. John La Puma of ChefMD® and ChefClinic® answers viewer's questions from the ChefMD®...
Duration: 2.20 Seconds
Nostalgia: cassettes 1979 - 1990
Nostalgia: a trip back to the Eighties. Some of these tapes I bought used, so they are in worse shape, but humidity also got hold of some that I bought brand new. In all of them, I found moments...
Duration: 5.10 Seconds

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