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Sausage Balls by Nathalie Dupree
Learn how to make this holiday appetizer.
Duration: 4.97 Seconds
CNN: chef Nathalie Dupree takes on Tea Party darling
Renowned chef Nathalie Dupree explains why she's taking on Tea Party powerhouse Jim DeMint as a write-in candidate.
Duration: 5.82 Seconds
Sara travels to Charleston, South Carolina and the Grace Church Tea Room, where they open their doors every spring to serve Low Country classics like Crab Soup, Pimento Cheese and Huguenot...
Duration: 26.78 Seconds
Chicken and Drop Dumpling Soup.mpg
Nathalie Dupree cooks up chicken and drop dumpling soup, an easy soup to make with food you have on hand.
Duration: 4.77 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Caramelized Onion Tart
Try this easy caramelized onion filling you can add to the cream cheese crust recipe Nathalie made last week.
Duration: 2.60 Seconds
Southern Biscuits Nathalie Dupree Short
Nathalie Dupree in a short film for her new Cookbook Southern Biscuits. Filmed on location by Rick McKee of Frogmore Stewed Productions.
Duration: 1.18 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Summer Pudding
Nathalie makes an easy and tasty summer pudding for a dessert that can be made anytime.
Duration: 3.57 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Cheese Soup
Nathalie cooks up a comforting cheese soup for the winter months.
Duration: 4.37 Seconds
Boiled Peanuts.mpg
Nathalie boils green peanuts to make a South Carolina favorite.
Duration: 2.90 Seconds
Nathalie brews up refreshing iced tea with a few variations on the old standby.
Duration: 4.23 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Hummus
Nathalie makes three different flavors of hummus for a healthy snack.
Duration: 2.52 Seconds
A Holiday Toast + Tribute to Nathalie Dupree
BB&T Charleston Wine + Food presents a tribute holiday feast to Southern Grand Dame Nathalie Dupree hosted by Chef Frank Lee and Chef Russ Moore of SNOB with guest chefs Sean Brock of Husk,...
Duration: 5.37 Seconds
Brisket With Red Wine Sauce.mpg
Nathalie Dupree slow cooks a brisket with a red wine and onion sauce.
Duration: 5.05 Seconds
An Afternoon with Nathalie Dupree
Nathalie Dupree is an award-winning chef, a best-selling author, and a television show host. This past september, Nathalie Dupree hosted An Afternoon with Nathalie Dupree at The Museum of York...
Duration: 1.22 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree Deviled Eggs
Duration: 6.02 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - NBC Daytime - Tampa
Nathalie Dupree - NBC Daytime - Tampa.
Duration: 5.40 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree's Two Ingredient Biscuits
For Mother's Day Tinky makes simple, delicious biscuits from a recipe by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart. With Seth Stutman and Lauren Zenzie. Courtesy of WWLP/Mass Appeal.
Duration: 5.33 Seconds
Cooking Book Review: Southern Biscuits by Nathalie Dupree, Cynthia Graubart This is the summary of Southern Biscuits by Nathalie Dupree, Cynthia Graubart.
Duration: 3.37 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Granola and Granola Bars
Nathalie cooks up some granola for breakfast or granola bars to take on the go.
Duration: 4.10 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree cooks up a basic crepes recipe to make sweet or savory crepe dishes.
Duration: 5.75 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Meringue Cookies
Nathalie walks you through an easy sweet treat with meringue cookies.
Duration: 4.22 Seconds
VoteYes Authors
Authors from across Charleston County want you to Vote Yes for Charleston Libraries on November 4th! Your YES vote will help build 5 new libraries and renovate the remaining 13 libraries in...
Duration: 0.52 Seconds
EXCLUSIVE- Nathalie Dupree interview- Quintin's Close-Ups™
She has cooking shows on cable television, numerous of columns inside newspapers and magazines, but author Nathalie Dupree is the most proudest of her James Beard Book Award. I had a chance...
Duration: 16.20 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Fox 5 Morning News - Washington
Nathalie Dupree - Fox 5 Morning News - Washington.
Duration: 6.18 Seconds
Wilted Coleslaw
Nathalie Dupree makes a wilted coleslaw that is quick to make and is perfect for any summer picnic.
Duration: 3.22 Seconds
Toasts to Nathalie Dupree
"The Toasts" of a Holiday Toast + Tribute to Nathalie Dupree.
Duration: 2.63 Seconds
Write-In Candidates For US Senate
Two Write-In Candidates Tell You Why They're Running.
Duration: 1.87 Seconds
Holly Herrick interview- Quintin's Close-Ups™
Besides Nathalie Dupree, Charleston only knows one other good author and cook and that is Holly Herrick. I had a chance to talk with her for this edition of "Quintin's Close-Ups".
Duration: 21.53 Seconds
If you have left over melon from a summer picnic try Nathalie's recipe for melon soup.
Duration: 2.17 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - CBS Nine News - Washington
Nathalie Dupree - CBS Nine News - Washington.
Duration: 6.03 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - CBS Great Day Houston - Houston
Nathalie Dupree - CBS Great Day Houston - Houston.
Duration: 11.17 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Fox Good Day Texas - Dallas
Nathalie Dupree - Fox Good Day Texas - Dallas.
Duration: 3.55 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree Quotes
What was your favorite Nathalie Dupree quote? 'Like' and leave a comment below, then jump over to and make a list of your favorites, so you'll...
Duration: 0.55 Seconds
Hidden Camera Who's Your Hurricane!?
Degrees of Separation while re-watching Who's Your Caddy? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Style- both family faves!!! Talking over movies we've seen b4. #MyHarto n her cooking show!! Interrupted...
Duration: 31.53 Seconds
Savannah Food and Wine Festival
Celebrity Chefs Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart talk about their involvement in the festival.
Duration: 3.72 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Fox Good Day Tampa Bay - Tampa
Nathalie Dupree - Fox Good Day Tampa Bay - Tampa.
Duration: 3.90 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - NBC 11 News - Baltimore
Nathalie Dupree - NBC 11 News - Baltimore.
Duration: 4.90 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - NBC South Florida Today - Miami
Nathalie Dupree - NBC South Florida Today - Miami.
Duration: 4.62 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree write in 2.wmv
Nathalie Dupree write in campaign video for South Carolina US Senate race 2010. Video done by Rick McKee.
Duration: 1.33 Seconds
Oct 14 2010 (Blog of The Young Voter): What is Alvin Greene's deal?
Lawrence O'Donnell interview:
Duration: 13.50 Seconds
Space Ghost Coast to Coast 3x13 Cookout
The Council of Doom judge a cooking contest. Zorak wants all the bones.
Duration: 20.52 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - WGN News at Noon - Chicago
Nathalie Dupree - WGN News at Noon - Chicago.
Duration: 4.70 Seconds
The Connected Table LIVE! with Nathalie Dupree & Richard Grausman
Discussions with cookbook author and culinary legend Nathalie Dupree, who among other things, tells how to make the perfect biscuit. Then, we speak with Richard Grausman of C-CAP, (Careers...
Duration: 51.37 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree toast from christopher Robbins
Duration: 0.53 Seconds
Nathalie Dupree - Fox 45 Morning News - Baltimore
Nathalie Dupree - Fox 45 Morning News - Baltimore.
Duration: 2.78 Seconds
Cynthia Graubart prepares easy summer dishes
Author and Southern Living Columnist Cynthia Graubart prepares Southern Summer Dishes, food for any outdoor event. Styling by Toren Anderson. Cynthia Graubart, author...
Duration: 6.75 Seconds
Cooking Book Review: Nathalie Dupree's Shrimp and Grits by Nathalie Dupree This is the summary of Nathalie Dupree's Shrimp and Grits by Nathalie Dupree.
Duration: 1.73 Seconds

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